Monday, March 24, 2014

We Kindly need your Donation!

Children Who  Need your Financial Help For them to Be and Enjoy School.

CHILD is now keeping and giving protection to 0ver 48 children. 21 children are in primary school, that means they are in the ages of 6 - 12 years. Some of the underlying causes WHY? include they lost both the parents due to HIV and AIDS and therefore no one is volunteering to take care of them not even the government. the Universal Primary Education isn't doing much as the children are still required to pay a fee for which they cannot manage. Therefore, CHILD has taken on the responsibility of making sure the future generation is restored but through your humble contribution.

A primary school pupil to be in School:

If you donated:

70 Euros - school fees for a Child in school.
20 Euros - school uniform
25 Euros - school requirements
10 Euros - school shoes
25 Euros - school bag and transport to & School

What about the Children between the age of 13 - 17 years.

CHILD is keeping again 27 children in the ages of 13 - 17 years. Some of these children have been living on the streets and girls were rescued from commercial sexual exploitation abuse. These secondary characteristics came as a result of orphan hood and bearing responsibility at an early age. Most of these have been able to complete primary education and/or if not they are to join secondary school and vocational skills training school. Your donation will allow or enable the child continue chasing his  dream. CHILD social workers have fully rehabilitated the children and will continue to make follow ups to ensure that the children fully pass through the education path. We are also very grateful to all our partners and individuals who have made it possible for the vulnerable and disadvantaged children be in school.

A secondary school Child to be in school.

140 Euros - school fees
25 Euros - school uniform
30 Euros - school requirements

15 Euros - school shoes
30 Euros - school bag and transport to & School

My humble request, kindly give us help in any way you can so that we are able to put and keep the children in school.

Project - Team Leader & Social worker.

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