Monday, November 3, 2014

The Sun is beginning to Shine!

It was sometime this year, when I was going through my routine readings about people who inspire me and Vicki of 2 Bags Full was one of them! I read at her blog the wonderful work that she had done to help people surviving or living with cancer! I thought perhaps if I contact her I would be able to receive her kindness extended to the children that we help...even her art work was very amazing and wonderful! As I wrote, I kept praying that she replies my letter...indeed God answered my prayers and she replied! I was happy as I do always I shared with the children because we put all our trust in God and we pray for every activity that we undertake. Vicki has been a blessing to us she posted about the children and the post has created awareness and has realized very good results from her wonderful mention; the children will in the beginning of the year receive school supplies, health related gifts, clothing's and craft items to enable them have a new experience of art.

On top of the above, through her we have been able to meet yet another wonderful lady of The Seared Blue Hair Comment, her name is Tammy..she has an activity that is running for 100 days drawing portraits (new) each day! She has also become a blessing to us through her stories and art children have began to draw each other and they like the activity very much! 

I can't hold back my happiness, joy and many thanks to all of you who have contributed to the needs of my children..may God bless all of you and many thanks from the children. 

The sun is beginning to shine! 

My love to all of you

By Josephine 

Monday, March 24, 2014

We Kindly need your Donation!

Children Who  Need your Financial Help For them to Be and Enjoy School.

CHILD is now keeping and giving protection to 0ver 48 children. 21 children are in primary school, that means they are in the ages of 6 - 12 years. Some of the underlying causes WHY? include they lost both the parents due to HIV and AIDS and therefore no one is volunteering to take care of them not even the government. the Universal Primary Education isn't doing much as the children are still required to pay a fee for which they cannot manage. Therefore, CHILD has taken on the responsibility of making sure the future generation is restored but through your humble contribution.

A primary school pupil to be in School:

If you donated:

70 Euros - school fees for a Child in school.
20 Euros - school uniform
25 Euros - school requirements
10 Euros - school shoes
25 Euros - school bag and transport to & School

What about the Children between the age of 13 - 17 years.

CHILD is keeping again 27 children in the ages of 13 - 17 years. Some of these children have been living on the streets and girls were rescued from commercial sexual exploitation abuse. These secondary characteristics came as a result of orphan hood and bearing responsibility at an early age. Most of these have been able to complete primary education and/or if not they are to join secondary school and vocational skills training school. Your donation will allow or enable the child continue chasing his  dream. CHILD social workers have fully rehabilitated the children and will continue to make follow ups to ensure that the children fully pass through the education path. We are also very grateful to all our partners and individuals who have made it possible for the vulnerable and disadvantaged children be in school.

A secondary school Child to be in school.

140 Euros - school fees
25 Euros - school uniform
30 Euros - school requirements

15 Euros - school shoes
30 Euros - school bag and transport to & School

My humble request, kindly give us help in any way you can so that we are able to put and keep the children in school.

Project - Team Leader & Social worker.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Like Deisire, Daphine and Swabra....48 Girls Need Your Support In Order to Recieve an Education.

CHILD is now keeping and giving care and protection  to close to 51 girls who are not capable of attending school because they lack all the necessary materials like school fees, school shoes, school uniform, school books, sanitary pads the list is endless. Some of these girls have been victims of physical and sexual abuse, child domestic workers, affected and infected by HIV and AIDS and total orphans. All the above has had a great impact on their lives. 

CHILD social workers upon identifying and/or receiving the girls the journey for rehabilitation begins; the girls are helped with skills of overcoming trauma, self discovery, life skills education, paper bead jewelry which is for therapy and income generation and literacy and numeracy. All the programs are geared towards helping the girl come back to her normal life and pursue her dreams all over again. Though it is always not easy, each particular girl is handled differently with an individual touch because we are aware that each person is different with different kinds of challenges and problems.

The girls are all ready for school they have come to terms with whatever happened and are ready to face the future with zeal and determination. We at CHILD understand that if you educate a GIRL you educate a Nation. we appeal to anyone to give  support through buying the Jewelry or sponsoring a child to school.You will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Photos of Nina, Andrew and Sumaya

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

And you know why GIRLS are not able to complete School......THIS!

Toilets could be a second reason..why girls are NOT able to complete school!

CHILD has done a study in the schools of Nakaseke district and has found out that girls are dropping out of school because they do not have a private and safe place for themselves. We visited over 30 schools and what was found out was alarming and life threatening. All the schools didn't have toilets and those which had shared the rooms with the boys! The girls we talked to said they find it very difficult to share toilets with boys since boys occasionally tease them and many said they resorted to not visiting the toilet at all. In one of the schools we found that the toilet had a hole making it even more difficult.

When it comes to their menses! many have resorted to staying home and many said after those days its more difficult to return to school since you know that even the next month you have to take a break which is not explained!

Besides poverty, orphan hood, privacy at school need to be addressed seriously hence the future generation can be lost! but we can always save the girls through building and having places in schools were they can go to change when in Menses or just visiting!

We can do it!

Pictures of Dilapidated Toilets in The Schools of Nakaseke.

Pictures of Me at The Rhino Sanctuary.

Hopefully that one come and enjoy the Rhinos yourself.

At the Rhino Sanctuary in Nakasongola.

After going through  a long, hectic week, my husband asked me to accompany him and his visiting friends to the Rhino Sanctuary at Ziwa. I was anxious, I didn't know what I was going to find and Nakasongola being a bit far - two hours drive- I was even more anxious. I fear distances! Come Saturday, I all dressed up ready for the journey, we picked his friends who later I found very out going, interesting and very friendly.  The journey began, and in two hours we had reached Ziwa!

At Ziwa, we were received with warm people and all the reception I would say was Rhinocencalous! Don't bother about the word I make it myself! Before we could see the Rhinos, we had to refresh and take lunch! when I talk about their lunch - just want want to have it again! it was soo nice!

Trecking the Rhinos, on the way we found one..peacefuly sleeping we had been warned that they don't wat noise ...we passed slowly. One of our friendly dearly loved birds, we made many stop overs just to take a look and many pictures! At last all the Rhinos were found in one resting place! we took pictures and the guide told us all the stories behind them! They were lovely animals and we have been told that this very month the sanctuary will receive a new baby Rhino to add to Obama, Taleo, and many............

I hope I can raise the money and take the girls to see these creatures! they are lovely.  I am very sure the girls would enjoy the experience! $5 for children who are Ugandans