Monday, November 3, 2014

The Sun is beginning to Shine!

It was sometime this year, when I was going through my routine readings about people who inspire me and Vicki of 2 Bags Full was one of them! I read at her blog the wonderful work that she had done to help people surviving or living with cancer! I thought perhaps if I contact her I would be able to receive her kindness extended to the children that we help...even her art work was very amazing and wonderful! As I wrote, I kept praying that she replies my letter...indeed God answered my prayers and she replied! I was happy as I do always I shared with the children because we put all our trust in God and we pray for every activity that we undertake. Vicki has been a blessing to us she posted about the children and the post has created awareness and has realized very good results from her wonderful mention; the children will in the beginning of the year receive school supplies, health related gifts, clothing's and craft items to enable them have a new experience of art.

On top of the above, through her we have been able to meet yet another wonderful lady of The Seared Blue Hair Comment, her name is Tammy..she has an activity that is running for 100 days drawing portraits (new) each day! She has also become a blessing to us through her stories and art children have began to draw each other and they like the activity very much! 

I can't hold back my happiness, joy and many thanks to all of you who have contributed to the needs of my children..may God bless all of you and many thanks from the children. 

The sun is beginning to shine! 

My love to all of you

By Josephine