Tuesday, March 4, 2014

And you know why GIRLS are not able to complete School......THIS!

Toilets could be a second reason..why girls are NOT able to complete school!

CHILD has done a study in the schools of Nakaseke district and has found out that girls are dropping out of school because they do not have a private and safe place for themselves. We visited over 30 schools and what was found out was alarming and life threatening. All the schools didn't have toilets and those which had shared the rooms with the boys! The girls we talked to said they find it very difficult to share toilets with boys since boys occasionally tease them and many said they resorted to not visiting the toilet at all. In one of the schools we found that the toilet had a hole making it even more difficult.

When it comes to their menses! many have resorted to staying home and many said after those days its more difficult to return to school since you know that even the next month you have to take a break which is not explained!

Besides poverty, orphan hood, privacy at school need to be addressed seriously hence the future generation can be lost! but we can always save the girls through building and having places in schools were they can go to change when in Menses or just visiting!

We can do it!

Pictures of Dilapidated Toilets in The Schools of Nakaseke.

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